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Fighting Ulcers?   The Volkner company is recognized internationally as specializing in the manufacture, in the U.S.A,  of turning mattress overlays and mattress replacements for the prevention and treatment of bed sores, (pressure sores, decubiti), and as an aid in mobilizing pulmonary secretions. This company has the right answer in all weight capacities and widths to accommodate any size bed and can make special sizes. If you are faced with a Bariatric Patient that needs turning this is the Hi-Tec unit that will handle your problem and the top weight capacity is 1000 lbs.  

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The VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEMS: Lateral Rotation or Alternating Pressure or Static Air Flotation

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Skin Flap Surgery Higher low air loss air chambers made of polyurethane coated nylon instead of vinyl in the original German version;
Skin Flap Surgery The addition of detachable air side bolsters;
Skin Flap Surgery Replacement of the vinyl covered foam padding with a quilted top cover made of Dartex™, and Staph-Chek®material for the bottom cover (see Note below)
Skin Flap Surgery Stationary 2" air mattress below the turning air chambers to prevent "bottoming out."
Turning Mattress Alternating pressure and static air flotation were added to the turning mode (see Modes below)
Turning Mattress Currently, the Volkner® Turning System is registered in ther USA and world-wide under patents #5394577 and 5956787.



Mark I
Mark II
In 1996, it was decided to expand the VÖLKNER®TURNING SYSTEM equipment line and to add a full mattress replacement to the existing turning mattress overlay, incorporating exactly the same successful technology used in the Mark I unit. The height of the turning air chambers, side bolsters, and the stationary air mattress was increased. 

The unit is the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM Mark II low air loss Mattress Replacement. The turning angle on the Mark II is up to forty (40) degrees instead of the thirty (30) degrees on the Mark I Mattress Overlay.




In 1998, in response to requests for an even more cost effective unit to accompany the existing VÖLKNER®TURNING SYSTEM Mark I Mattress Overlay and VÖLKNER®TURNING SYSTEM Mark II Mattress Replacement, the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM EUROPA™ Mattress Overlay was introduced.

This has the same high quality construction as do the other units. However, it operates only in the Turning and Alternating Pressure modes and it does not have low air loss.



In 1999, in response to requests from overseas firms, the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM ALPHA™ Mattress Overlay was introduced. This is exactly the same as the EUROPA™ except there is no two (2) inch base static air chamber.


For those situations where only generic Alternating Pressure units are preferred, a new line of equipment, JamesAir™, was introduced in 1998, consisting of JamesAir™ SILVER, a mattress overlay, and JamesAir™ GOLD, a mattress replacement.

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Select a medical mattress for your personal use and take a health break. Span America bed sore mattress - Span America Mattress and alternating pressure mattresses. Blue Chip bed sore mattresses and Alternating pressure mattress, Therapeutic mattress and gel mattress

HospitalBed Manufacturers and HospitalBed Mattress Manufacturers:

Big-Boyz Blue-Chip Burke-Bariatric Comfortaire ELECTRO-PEDIC Flex-A-Bed Graham-Field Invacare Latexpedic Leggett-Platt Primo Span America TransferMaster Tuffcare Volkner WOK-Wheelchairs of Kansas

For whatever health or medical conditions, HospitalBeds can be the most comfortable piece of furniture in your home. HospitalBeds come standard with two motors: one that elevates the back; and one that elevates the legs. The HospitalBed comes standard with either a vinyl covered innerspring mattress or polyurethane foam mattresses. Medicare will pay for these semi-electric HospitalBeds. If you can afford an Adjustable Bed you will get a better looking bed with a more comfortable mattress, but AdjustableBeds are not covered by Medicare.

HospitalBeds come with many options. The first option ia the 3rd motor: the High-Low Motor. This allows you to electrically elevate the whole bed up and down. Usually this option costs an additional $300.00; and Medicare may allow you to pay the difference.

The FlexABed Hi-Low 3-Motor fully electric high-low Adjustable Bed is an alternative to many people who like the functions of a 3-motor HospitalBed; but also like the looks of the Flex-A-Bed and the choices of different sizes and different mattresses.

Bariatric Beds are available for over 350 pound patient at 42" wide; and for over 650 pounds the 48" wide bed. TransferMaster, Big Boyz and Wheelchairs of Kansas make Full Size 53" wide and Queen size 60" wide heavy duty extra wide beds. Many bariatric beds, including the Burke Bariatric Bed, comes up to 1000 Pound weight capacity. Please contact us for complete information about BariatricBeds and Bariatric Mattresses. We offer the best selection of Bariatric Bed Manufacturers. Complete HospitalBed Line. We offer the best selection and lowest prices for the Bariatric Rooms. Call 800-477-0248.

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As a member of the Joint Commission , who has received the Gold Seal of Approval; we have been trained to find the HospitalBed FACTORS that will lead to your 100% Satisfaction; which includes getting the RIGHT HospitalBed for your weight, height, medical, health and comfort needs. Your Needs are our First and Foremost Goal. All 3 of our locations have an A+ Rating with the BBB. CONTACT US FOR COMPLETE ELECTRIC HospitalBed INFORMATION 800-727-1954.

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