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Fighting Ulcers?   The Volkner company is recognized internationally as specializing in the manufacture, in the U.S.A,  of turning mattress overlays and mattress replacements for the prevention and treatment of bed sores, (pressure sores, decubiti), and as an aid in mobilizing pulmonary secretions. This company has the right answer in all weight capacities and widths to accommodate any size bed and can make special sizes. If you are faced with a Bariatric Patient that needs turning this is the Hi-Tec unit that will handle your problem and the top weight capacity is 1000 lbs.  

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Volkner Heavy duty Bariatric Obese Disability Mattress Disabled Hospital Bed Mattresses Handicapped Equipment Handicap Supply


Handicap Disability Bariatric Hospital Mattresses

The VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEMS: Lateral Rotation or Alternating Pressure or Static Air Flotation

ALPHA™ Mattress Overlay (Export Only)

BETA I™ 100 Mattress Overlay (USA Only)

BETA II™ 100 Mattress Overlay (Export Only)

BETA I™ 200 Mattress Replacement (USA Only)

BETA II™ 200 Mattress Replacement (Export Only)

DELTA™ Overlay ICU Beds (USA Only) (Export sizes by request)

EUROPA I™ Mattress Overlay

EUROPA II™ Mattress Overlay

Mark I low air loss Mattress Overlay.

PEDI 28X42

PEDI 28X58

JamesAir™ Low Air Loss Mattresses

Platinum I

Platinum II

Panda I Bariatric Mattress Replacement

JamesAir™ Alternating Pressure + Low Air Loss

Silver Mattress Overlay

Gold Mattress Replacement

Platinum III Mattress Replacement

Panda II Bariatric Low Air Loss

JamesAir™ Bariatric Low Air Loss Turning Mattresses

Panda III Bariatric Turning Mattress

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