100% Pure Talalay Latex

100% Pure Talalay Latex

There are (4) four basic types of mattresses that you can buy today:  Innerspring, Air, Memory Foam and Latex.  Every company will tell you that "they are the best"; but Latex is the best!  And 100% Pure Talalay Latex is the BEST Latex:  Best Support, Best Comfort, Best Pressure-Relief, Best Resiliency and Best Durability.  Besides Latexpedic®, very few companies use 100% Pure Talalay Latex; most companies use a combination of layers of 100% synthetic latex, polyurethane-on-the-bottom, dunlop latex in the middle, . . . Latexpedic® uses MADE IN THE USA 100% Pure Talalay Latex from top to bottom.  Besides Latexpedic®, very few ccompanies make a mattress that is completely reversible, quilted on both sides, hand crafted one-at-a-time, backed by a 20-year warranty, Available in four different firmnesses:  Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm; available in blended, natural and organic; and available in four different models: 7" Latex Mattress, 8.5" Perfect Firmness, 9" High-Profile and 11" THE ULTIMATE ALL WITH 100% PURE TALALAY LATEX! 



When you can sleep the whole night with the least amount of PRESSURE on your body, you will get the deepest, most restful night's sleep.

The LatexPEDIC® Organic Cotton Natural Mattress is so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to PAMPER YOURSELF!

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Besides Comfort, Cushioning and Feeling Good, . . .

your mattress has to provide your Back with the right POSTURE all night long.  Waking up with PAIN, that you did not go to bed with, means that your Mattress may not have provided your Back posture with the right amount of Support.


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The LatexPEDIC® Organic Cotton Natural Mattress comes with your choice of 4 different Mattress Firmnesses: 


Regular Firm

Extra Firm and

Ultra Firm

At LatexPEDIC®, your 100% Satisfaction is our ONLY Goal.  Choose from both our We have to assess the correct mattress firmness by understanding what you like, what is comfortable for you; whether you have a Bad Back or Arthritis, what you know you like and don't like,, your age, and more. 


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THE CORRECT POSTURE FOR YOUR BACK IS THE MOST IMPORTANT Consideration in your selection of a mattress, . . .

 "How You Feel When You Wake Up?"  is the "Great Determinor" on how well your mattress works with your body.

Natural-mattress and our organic-mattress selection.

Ideally, of course, you want a Mattress that is Both the Most Comfortable and the Most Healthy for you.  No other mattress in world will you find the best Nirvana between Comfort and Health than the LatexPEDIC Organic Comfort Natural Mattress..



The Higher the Number the FIRMER; The Lower the Number the SOFTER.

Most Customers pick between the Regular Firm and Extra Firm.  See Mattress Firmness.

Select an Organic Comfort Natural Mattress Firmness for your personal use, and take a health break.

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THE ULTIMATE Mattress by LATEX PEDIC®  is THE ULTIMATE IN NATURAL: Designed with All Pure 100% Talalay Natural Latex, 100% Natural Cotton & 100% Pure Wool.  NO Chemicals.  NO Toxins.  No Synthetics.  NO Polyurethane.  NO Polyester.   Designed with 2” of Softer Pressure-Relieving All 100% Pure Talalay Latex on both top and bottom to give you THE ULTIMATE IN COMFORT; and with a 6” Center Core, available in Soft (N3), Regular Firm (N4), Extra Firm (N5) and Ultra Firm (N6) for THE ULTIMATE IN SUPPORT.  THE ULTIMATE is  Completely Reversible, Handles, 20-Year Warranty, Channel Quilted, 12” Thick and Hand-Crafted One-At-A-Time. 

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Talalay 100% Natural utilizes 100% natural liquid latex for a true eco-friendly solution.
Available in all standard mattress sizes.  Pressure Relief Layers: N2(Softer)
Support Cores : N3(Soft), N4(Regular Firm), N5(Extra Firm), N6(Ultra Firm)


  Top 2" 6" Middle Core Bottom 2" Firmness THE ULTIMATE
Natural N2









Ultra Firm

Extra Firm

Regular Firm

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THE ULTIMATE makes the World's most comfortable Adjustable Bed Mattress

The Zero Gravity Position Sleep System


Before you buy a Adjustable Beds and Mattresses Natural Mattress in Los Angeles, please visit our Best Selection of All Pure Natural latex Foam Mattresses.

 compare the Natural Mattress Comfort, Support, Presuure-Relieving, Breathability and Cushioning Properties.  Organic Comfort Natural Mattresses are so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to pamper yourself.  Organic Comfort Natural Mattresses are made from pure latex foam (not a combination of polyurethane and memory foam).  Select a Natural Latex Mattress firmness for your personal use, and take a health break.

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